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School of Science
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School of  Science

     The School of Science is a combination of science and engineering. The School owns a functional material subject with a secondary disciplines doctorate authorization. The School has two first-level master disciplines: mathematics and chemical engineering and technology, covering 12 secondary disciplines master's degrees, including basic mathematics, applied mathematics, computational mathematics, operational research and cybernetics, probability theory and mathematical Statistics, materials physics and chemistry, applied chemistry, industrial catalysis, chemical engineering, chemical technology, materials chemical engineering, environmental chemical engineering. Condensed matter physics is of a secondary disciplines master degree authorazition. At the same time, the School also has a chemical engineering and technical discipline with engineering master's degree grant. The school has four major disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Environmental Science and Engineering for five undergraduate majors: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computational Science, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, respectively.

     The School has a strong faculty; leading to its core competitiveness continues to increase. Up to now, the existing staff of 107 people are working in the School, of which there are 21 professors, 22 associate professors, 52 have doctoral degrees; 7 doctoral tutors and 43 master tutors are distributed among the four first-level disciplines. They achieved the following Honorary titles: The existing Liaoning Province famous teaching teacher: 2 persons; Liaoning Province millions of talent project hundred people level: 2 persons; Liaoning Province University Talents first level: 2 persons; second level: 1 person; Liaoning Province "May Day" Labor Medal: 1 person; Shenyang City Three education model: 1 person; The school academic leaders: 6 persons; Liaoning Province young backbone teachers: 3 persons, and so on.

     The School has an excellent academic atmosphere. In the recent three years, the school undertook 46 projects with national, provincial and ministerial levels; 6 science and technology awards by the provincial and above; over 100 high level academic papers; over 10 million yuan for the average annual research funding; 8 monographs published; and more than 30 times participated in the national or international academic conferences, more than 20 well-known experts at home and abroad invited to give professional lectures. At present, the School has Liaoning Provincial Key Laboratory: Polymer Catalysis and Synthesis Technology Laboratory, Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission Key Laboratory: Advanced Polymer Engineering Laboratory, with Liaoning Province Innovation Team: low-dimensional magnetic materials and magnetic technology applications. There are 2 open experimental teaching demonstration centers for undergraduates: University Physics Experiment Center and Chemistry & Environment Experimental  Center. There are also 2 undergraduate excellent courses in Liaoning Province, a graduate student quality courses in Liaoning Province, a resource sharing program in Liaoning Province, a Liaoning province excellent video courses, a Liaoning province teaching team. There are 5 professional teaching laboratories and a number of research laboratories, which have the total area reaching nearly 10,000 square meters equipped with advanced equipments worth 20 million Chinese yuan or more.

     In order to improve the students' practical ability and adapt to the actual needs of the society, the School organizes various scientific and technological activities such as the Mathematical Modeling Contest, the Computer Game Competition, the National Mathematical Contest, the Physics Experiment Competition, the Excellence Engineer Program, the Enterprise Training Base, and so on. Arts, sports, humanities, social science and colorful campus culture activities enrich college students lives in every corner.

     All colleagues from the School are in a full spirit to do their best for teaching, research and other aspects of the challenges. With hard work, moving the School towards a new level, and then cast a new brilliance.


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